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Latex FAQ

Q: What’s so good about latex?


1. Ultimate comfort

A good mattress should be able to accommodate your natural curve and keep your spine aligned, at the same time providing firm support. Latex is made from natural rubber tree sap, the millions of rubber cells in the latex respond to body pressure and spring back according to the amount of pressure exerted on them, provide customized support to every point of body contact, and excellent contouring capability, thus providing excellent comfort and support.

An article in NY times (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/19/health/19really.html?_r=2) pointed out that sleeping on your side can help to reduce sleep apnea and related health issues such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. Latex mattress is perfect for side sleeper as it allows your high pressure points such as shoulder and hip to sink in more and support your body’s natural curve and maintain your spine alignment.

2. Cooling and dust mites free

Due to the open cell structure of the latex, it absorbs and release moisture and heat quickly, hence does not trap body heat or moisture, together with the many pinholes on the surface and on the side of the mattress, provides good ventilation and cooling effect. The dry and cool environment inside the mattress prohibits the growth of dust mite and bacteria, thus prevents health issues caused by them and provides better hygiene.

3. Safe and durable

Natural latex is free of synthetic materials (including synthetic latex) or harmful chemicals; the high quality natural latex has very mild milky rubber smell, and does not require the addition of odor masking chemicals or scents. Natural latex is also fully biodegradable thus is a very eco-friendly material to our environment.

100% Natural latex mattress that is free of synthetic latex and fillers has great durability; it does not change shape or lose its support in decades. With the correct use, a latex mattress can easily last for twenty years, providing continuous support without significant sagging.

Q: What’s the advantage of natural latex mattress over spring mattress? 


Pocket spring mattress has been a popular mattress over the past few decades, it usually consists of individual spring coils covered by fabric pockets.

Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

This article from Scientific American explains the phenomenon of EMF in spring coil mattress:

“as we sleep on our coil-spring mattresses, we are in effect sleeping on an antenna that amplifies the intensity of the broadcast FM/TV radiation. Asleep on these antennas, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation for a third of our life spans. As we slumber on a metal coil-spring mattress, a wave of electromagnetic radiation envelops our bodies so that the maximum strength of the field develops 75 centimeters above the mattress in the middle of our bodies. “

Furthermore the damp environment inside the pocket spring can be a perfect incubator for dust mites.


Q: What’s the comparison between natural latex mattress and memory foam mattress?


Memory foam was invented by NASA at the late of space age. It’s a form of polyurethane with various added chemicals that gives the foam its softness, color and the property of being able to chemically react to body heat trapped in between human body and the foam and change its shape accordingly. It has excellent body hugging effect and provides good initial pressure relief. However when sleepers change their position, it takes time for the body heat to be trapped again in order for the memory foam to contour again to the new sleep position, hence the continuous time lag may result in restless sleep. Also the excess heat trapped between the body and foam may hamper the sleep as well. New formula containing cooling chemicals has been developed similar to that in gel-infused foams.

There’s no so called natural memory foam and such misleading claim has led to disciplinary action by the FTC. Memory foam is characterized by its acrid smell, and odor masking chemicals are added to disguise it. This is a chemical off-gassing process and is harmful to the health in long run. Headache and respiratory issues are often reported. Odorless off-gassing continues in the entire life of product even after the odor is gone.

The chemicals in the memory foam stop reacting fully to body heat after a few years, although the foam still bounces back visually, the support and comfort level will decrease. Thus the performance consistency and durability of the memory foam is weak.

Q: What’s the difference between natural latex and synthetic/blended latex?


Natural latex is formed using only natural rubber sap liquid and small amount of foaming agent to turn it from liquid form into solid form, with no additional ingredients.

Terms of ‘100% latex, ‘100% pure latex’ or ‘full latex’ are not equivalent to 100% natural latex. The common practice in the market is to blend natural latex with synthetic latex to form the latex core, and name it as 100% pure latex or full latex.

The production of synthetic latex involves petroleum-based oils and addition of chemicals sometimes includes formaldehyde and flame retardant, which are proven to be dangerous to health. These chemicals increase risks of cancer, obesity, infertility, and developmental brain disorders such as autism and ADHD. They migrate into household air as micro particles. Depends on the brand, the natural latex content may vary from 20%~85%. Synthetic latex is also not as elastic as natural latex, and has lower comfort level.

Special technology and advanced machines are required to increase the percentage of natural latex to above 85%, and at this moment there’re only a few manufacturers in the world that have the technology to do so. This is also another reason why 100% natural latex products are rarely seen in the market.

Q: Is 100% pure latex or full latex same as 100% natural latex?
A: Terms of ‘100% latex, ‘100% pure latex’ or ‘full latex’ are not equivalent to 100% natural latex. The common practice in the market is to blend natural latex with synthetic latex to form the latex core, and name it as 100% pure latex or full latex.

Q: How to care about latex mattress?
A: Natural latex mattress requires minimal care. However the natural material is sensitive to UV light, so do not expose the latex core to UV light. Its open cell structures do not trap moisture and hence do not need to be sunned.
Q: How to choose the mattress of right firmness?
A: The correct mattress should allow you to lie down in the bed with your spine aligned. You can get your partner to observe from behind whether your spine is in a straight line when you lie down on your side. Also there should be no pressure point and you should feel effortless when you turn your body and change positions. Try different sleeping positions and check whether different parts of your body are fully supported (there should be no gap between your body and mattress).