why latex

Why Purolatex

Italian Made: All our latex mattresses and pillows are manufactured in Italy
• 100% Natural Latex: We produce only the purest and best quality 100% natural latex, without the use of synthetic latex, addition of filler, foam, compressed latex or glue. Being one of the largest latex manufacturers in the world, our factory has over 20 years of experience and highest technology that enable us to produce 100% natural latex.
Best Material Used: We use organic cotton and natural bamboo fabric for the inner cover and outer cover. With the removable cover, you can see the quality of latex core inside, and able to clean your mattress cover regularly.
Ultimate Natural Comfort: You can feel the true bounciness of the natural latex and ultimate comfort, and can rest assure with the quality and durability of the mattress.

About Latex

Latex is made from rubber tree sap. The millions of rubber cells in the latex respond to body pressure and spring back according to the amount of pressure exerted, provides customized support to every point of contact according to the body weight/pressure, thus providing excellent comfort and support.

Due to the open cell structure of the latex, it does not trap body heat or moisture, together with the many pinholes on the surface and on the side of the mattress, provides good ventilation property and cooling effect. The dry and cool environment inside the mattress also prohibits the growth of dust mite and bacteria, thus prevents health issues related and provides better hygiene.

Natural latex is free of synthetic materials and harmful chemicals; the high quality natural latex has very mild milky rubber smell, it does not require the addition of odor masking chemicals or scents, and release natural plant essence which has proven to be able to help and stimulate better quality sleep. Natural latex is also fully biodegradable thus is a very eco-friendly material to our environment.

100% Natural latex mattress that is free of synthetic latex and fillers has great durability; it does not change shape or lose its support in decades. With the correct use, a latex mattress can easily last for twenty years, providing continuous support without significant sagging.

100% Natural Latex vs Synthetic Latex        

It does not contain any synthetic rubber or harmful chemical, has superior elasticity and does not tear easily, hence has good durability and is safe and eco-friendlyVSSynthetic latex is produced from petrochemicals, sometimes mixed with natural latex. it is less durable and more carcinogenic, has a tendency of off-gas. Our body and skin can absorb these chemicals.
The more natural rubber it contains, the denser and bouncier it is than synthetic latex of the same densityVSDensity and bounciness is lower than natural latex of the same density
The natural rubber has open cell structure and does not trap heat or moisture, making it dry and clean, free of dust mites and bacteriaVSSynthetic rubber has problem absorbing and releasing moisture properly, trapping heat and moisture, making it more likely to grow dust mites and bacteria
The natural rubber milk only contains a small addition of curing agent, so the unique rubber smell disappears in about a week (powdered milk, white bread smell)VSDue to the process of washing, dehydration and drying because of chemical additives (petroleum , various hardeners), there is a strong odor (chemical odor), odor masking agent (a harmful chemical is often added to reduce the smell)
Ivory colorVSWhite (added chemical composition)


Latex Mattress vs Pocket Spring mattress

It is elastic enough to support each part of the body finely and reliablyvsMetal springs are only elastic at the middle of the pocket spring. How responsive the mattress is depends on the number/size of the pocket spring.
No EMF (electronic magnetic field) wave, latex mattress doesn't contain metal component, especially metal coil which generate EMF when there's radiation aroundvsEMF wave generated by the metal coil when there's radiation nearby, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation which could result in potential health issues
Excellent resilience, almost no change in height (7 to 8 years of use)vsThe average life span is about five years, and the change of the height within the lifetime is prominent
All natural material which is safe and bio-degradablevsSynthetic materials used, often with chemical added
No noise at all due to the integrated mold latexvsNoise is more severe in spring, and symptoms get worse with time
There is little disturbance to the neighboring person (independent pinhole structure, no connection point)vsEach spring is connected by a steel wire, and the wavelength is large at the periphery in shaking

100% Natural Latex vs Memory Foam       

Natural latex has excellent cooling effect due to its open cell structure that absorbs and releases heat quickly, doesn't trap heat and moistureVSMemory foam traps heat between human body and foam in order for the foam to chemically react to the heat and change its shape to give the body-hugging effect that it's famous for
Very good pressure relief, millions of latex cells are able to respond to each point of body contact and provides customized support according to the pressure/body weightVSExcellent initial pressure relief. However when sleeper change position, it takes time for the heat to be re-trapped in order for the memory foam to contour to the new sleep position. The continuous time lag may result in restless sleep
Natural latex is natural materials which is 100% bio-degradable, with no addition of chemicalsVSMemory foam is made of polyurethane with various added chemicals, often comes with acrid smell and hence requires odor masking chemicals. There are various health issues reported such as headache and respiratory issues.
Excellent resilience, almost no change in height (7 to 8 years of use)VSThe chemical in memory foam stops responding to body heat after a few years and support and comfort level decrease